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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Need a Snack?

I admit it.  I'm a snacker.  It's very easy for me to grab a little something just to satisfy even the least bit of hunger.  Unlike some people (I think), I'm not compulsive about it.  And it doesn't really matter much what I snack on--a few pretzels or grapes or M&M's. 

The problem is, I know that snacking isn't the best thing for me to do.  I need to try to cut down on the amount of food I eat and, well, that ain't the way to do it.

But we all feel it now and then, don't we?  In between meals, there's that little pang of hunger that
could be ignored, but would feel so much better to take care of.

The good news for snackers is that according to a recent study, the size of the snack doesn't seem to be an issue for what satisfies that feeling of hunger.

The study gave people snacks of chocolate, apple pie and potato chips to satisfy their hunger, but in different amounts.  The final results showed that those who ate a significantly smaller amount of the snack were equally as satisfied 15 minutes after eating than those who ate more. 

So give it a try.  Feeling hungry?  Try just a small amount of a snack.  Get rid of that hungry feeling without taking in too many extra calories.  Read more about this study here.