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Monday, April 23, 2012

Where's the Beef?

Are you a beef eater?  Even if you are, if you're like many Americans, you are eating less beef than you did previously.

Maybe you're trying to eat healthier by cutting back on red meats--and eating chicken, bison or going vegtarian.  It could be that you're simply trying to cut back on the amount that you pay for food.

Prices of beef have been rising for a number of reasons.  The price of raising the livestock--fuel, shipping, etc--has been rising, just as it has for all of us.  I've written previously how the drought in Texas and other cattle-raising areas has created terrible conditions for the grazing cattle.  And that, in turn, has caused prices to go up.

You can get statistics about the decline in beef consumption and more information about what beef producers are doing to survive this downturn in this article from Reuters.

Of cousre, if you're going to spend good money for beef, why not make it local (from such places as Haring Brothers or Tussock Sedge Farm)?  It's healthier, tastier and helps out the local economy (sorry, Texas). 

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