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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Help

We all know that the holidays can be a crazy time--especially if you're hosting a holiday meal.

So take a little bit of stress out of your holiday schedule and have Dinner's Done help you get a terrific meal on your holiday table--with your sanity intact!

I will make you delicious side dishes to go with your holiday meal. Most of them can be made ahead of time and frozen. Then you simply need to thaw and reheat them for your dinner, saving you loads of time and effort.

Just imagine how much more relaxed you'll be being able to serve dishes that you didn't have to plan, shop for or cook. (Hey, you can even tell your guests that you made them. Your secret is safe with me!)

For two side dishes (serving 10-12 each) and a homemade cranberry sauce, the cost is just $90 plus the cost of groceries. (Contact me for the price of adding additional dishes.)

So give yourself a holiday gift that you can really use! Holiday Help from Dinner's Done!

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