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Thursday, February 3, 2011


5 years ago at this time, I was working on just a few hours of sleep and was probably cleaning the house--or trying to, at least.  And I'm sure I was very concerned whether I'd be able to survive 5 days, let alone 5 years.

As of about 12:30 this morning, Jake turned 5 years old.  We've all survived.  In fact, it's been pretty good!  I always say that Jake is the kind of kid that I need--he's been pretty easy as kids go.  Oh, he has his moments--believe me--but overall, he's made it easy on me.

So the celebrating begins today.  I'll pick something up--I'm hoping for a giant cookie--to take into his class later (you're not supposed to bring home-made things in).  He wants fried shrimp for dinner tonight (he learned that he loves them during our last trip to Maine), so I'll try a new recipe I just found. 

Saturday is the cowboy-themed party, so we're making chili and hot dogs (for those who don't to chili).  Since he likes spinach, fennel and apples, I'm making a salad with those components.  And carrots and broccoli--more favorites--with dip.  Mary Beth made an ice cream cake--ice cream is definitely one of his favorite foods.  So in our house, even a 5-yr old's birthday has a lot to do with food!

MB has games planned, too--Snakes in the Boots and Pin the Cowboy Hat on the Jakester.  Should be interesting.


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