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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bug Off

The other day, I was playing baseball with Jake and a bug flew into my mouth.  What did I do?  What pretty much everyone would do--I spit it out.  After all, who wants a gross bug in their mouth?  I mean, sure, we put cow, pig and chicken meat there, but that's different.  They aren't bugs.  We're supposed to be eating them.

I might try these--tiny and crunchy.
In most countries in this wide world, though, folks would beg to differ.  Insects have been a staple in many parts of the world for as long as people have been eating.  Why do we in the West find it so hard to understand that?  I mean, wouldn't you rather crush some some sort of creepy-crawly thing with your teeth instead of a cute cow with those sad eyes?  I guess not.  But we should think about it.

Bugs are actually very good for  you.  They contain a load of protein, calcium and iron.  According to a chart from Iowa State University, 100 grams of grasshoppers have almost as much protein as the same amount of lean ground beef and cod fish. 

An article from the Chicago Sun-Times says:
If you're revolted at the thought of scarfing down a beetle or centipede, consider this: The Food and Drug Administration allows a certain quantity of insect parts in our food.
These "food defect action levels" are allowed because, according to the FDA, further reducing the levels would require "increased utilization of chemical substances to control insects." So which would you rather consume: insects or potentially toxic chemicals?

Not so sure about deep-fried tarantula.
So basically, we're eating some bugs anyway.  Why not make them taste good? 

Have you ever intentionally eaten an insect?   Maybe you were traveling in Asia or you were adventurous at an interesting restaurant or you lost a bet.  I vaguely remember eating a chocolate-covered grasshopper in 1st grade.  Don't remember if I liked it or not (although it was chocolate).  That was a few years ago. 

I think I'd rather try some little salty ant snacks than some big, hairy grilled tarantula with some girth.  But hey, I'm game.  Millions of non-Americans can't be wrong!

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