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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Dinner

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are having a tasty holiday. 

We hosted Christmas dinner this year and everyone enjoyed the nice mix of food.  I grill-roasted a turkey.  Not only does it give you a juicy, smoky turkey in a relatively short time, but it frees up oven space.  (See this post for how to do it for your next turkey dinner.)  Along with the turkey, we had one of Blooming Glen Pork's delicious spiral honey-glazed hams. 

Me after 4 straight days of holiday eating.
Sides included Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, Sweet Potato Casserole, Lettuce with Hot Bacon Dressing, Green Bean Casserole, Waldorf Cranberry Relish, MB's Stuffing, Mom's Applesauce, broccoli and corn.  Everyone ate so much they didn't have room for dessert.

But that didn't stop us from eating dessert: Chocolate Cream Pie; some sort of dessert with pound cake, pudding and cherries; Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Pie, ice cream.  MB made some of the best cookies I've had in a long time--Ginger Snaps made with fresh ginger--spicy and crisp and Pine Nut Cookies flavored with ground fennel seed.  Unfortunately, she forgot to put them out with the desserts.  Fortunately for me, there's more for me to eat.

So that was our Christmas dinner.  If you're interested in any of the recipes, let me know and I'll share them. 

I hope you've been eating well and continue to as we move into the new year!

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