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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Super Food

Since the Eagles didn't make the playoffs this year, I've been reluctantly watching the playoffs (rooting against teams more than rooting for others) and counting the days until Spring Training.

Still, football fans all over the country are looking forward to February 5, Super Bowl Sunday, for football, usually-disappointing commercials, getting together with friends and FOOD!  Super Bowl Sunday has become arguably the biggest food day in the US next to Thanksgiving.

In the recent 3rd annual Supervalu Snack Down Survey, about 75% of the respondants said that they were going to be preparing and serving food to guests for the Super Bowl.  And what are their favorite things to eat?  32% said dips and spreads.  23% enjoy chicken wings.  Pizza and salty snacks tied with 14%.

There are always those creative folks who tie in the food with either the teams playing in the game or their favorite teams: deep-dish pizza for Bears fans, brats and beer for Packers fans and, of course, Philly cheesesteaks for us Eagles fans. 

So that gets me thinking what should be served for the 4 remaining teams.  First, 49ers vs. Giants.  Sourdough bread, dungeness crab and maybe Ghirardelli chocolate for San Fran and swamp water and radioactive rats for New York (I'm not a Giants fan).  Perhaps crab cakes vs. lobster for Baltimore vs. New England. 

Photo courtesy of browneyedbaker.com.
For whatever reason, chili seems to be a classic Super Bowl food to me.  Hot and spicy on a cold winter day.  Goes great with a beer and munchies.  Easy to serve. 

Why not have Dinner's Done make a big pot of delicious chili for your Super Bowl party?  I can make it in your Crock Pot and, depending how far ahead of time I make it for you, you can freeze or refrigerate it and just heat it up for the big day.  I can make you typical Texas-style chili or unusual versions like Mole Chicken Chili (that's moe-lay, not the little blind critter) or New Mexican Red Pork Chili.  Each serves at least 6-8 (as an entree--more with other food) and costs $50, which includes the ingredients.  Not only will is give you great food to serve, but free up more time for you to make some other goodies!  Just give me a call or email me if  you're interested!

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