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Friday, May 21, 2010

Down on the Farm

Earlier than usual, we got our veggie plants in the ground last weekend.  I'm no gardener, but I love having a veggie garden.  To me, there's not much better than biting into a juicy tomato fresh from the back yard.  Mmm...can't wait until they're ready.

We have 2 beds, but they're not huge.  We have the usual suspects: a variety of tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, 2-3 kinds of eggplant, green beans, summer squash & zucchini.  New for us this year are watermelon, broccoli & ground cherries.  (By the way, if any of you know how to use ground cherries, let me know.  We just bought them because we thought it would be something different.)  We also have a bunch of different herbs--basil, cinnamon basil, parsley, etc.  (See my previous post about herbs.)  The beds aren't much to look at now, but we're hoping they'll be thriving soon.  We used mushroom soil this year--on the suggestion of many.

This year, Jake has his "Jacob Garden" (toward the top of the picture above) where he's got the green beans and broccoli growing--2 of his favorites.  He's also growing zinnias that he started at school and a sunflower that he got at the Ape House at the Philly Zoo, of all places.  He wanted the watermelon, but we needed more room for them that the Jacob Garden can offer.

Let me know about your gardens--what are your favorite things to grow, what new things have you tried this year, etc. 

Good luck!

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