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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Herb Primer

I love fresh herbs.  They add so much to a dish--a freshness that dried herbs just can't match.  Of course, this time of year, you have to buy them in a store--and pay a fortune in the process.  That's why these days, I try to stick with the few herbs we have inside that have survived from the summer.  One little parsley plant--looking like it is about to take it's last breath--and yummy tarragon. 

But soon enough, the weather will be getting warmer and the rosemary will be green again, the thyme will come alive with its wonderful fragrance, the sage will show its fuzzy leaves, the parsley will start to peek through the dirt and the basil will be standing high--ready to be used in pretty much everything we cook during the summer. 

Preparing for then, I found an article in The Shreveport Times that works as sort of an herb primer.   It's a little bit basic, but gives a description of many common herbs and some of the foods that benefit from the herb's flavor.  Keep it in mind--we'll be using homegrown fresh herbs before we know it!

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