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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tasting With Your Ears (Or Hearing With Your Mouth)

As most of you know, two of my true loves in life are music and food.  There's not much time in my waking life that one or the other (or both) don't show up in some form.  (As I write this, I am seeing the rain come down--finally--thinking how the veggies in the garden are going to be so happy.  I'm also eating an incredibly tasty apricot and listening to Elvis Costello singing "My Little Blue Window".)

"Mmmmmm, Cake!"--The Beatles
I just ran across an article from The New York Times about a couple in San Francisco who have a blog called Turntable Kitchen.  In it, they pair up meals, dishes and ingredients to music.  If you can pair the nuances of wine to specific foods, why not do the same with music?

I love the idea.  I think that music (and any art, to some extent) and good food are real comrades.  To truly enjoy both, you have to appreciate what goes into creating it.  You can see the artistry that leads from taking the raw ingredients and creating something amazing out of them.  Both, when done right, can stir the senses and create an emotional experience. 

In so many places, food and music are paired--bars and restaurants almost always have some sort of background music going on.  Food is almost as integral a part of a music festival as the music.  Unless there's a Phillies game on, we almost always have music playing while we eat dinner. 

What about you?  Does pairing music and food make sense to you? 

In the article, they mention that Blair Warsham, chef and co-founder of "Covers" dinner and music program, pairs Bob Dylan with Aged Beef, Soy & Seaweed because
...the beef represents Dylan’s leathery exterior — the man is 70, after all — and the seaweed and soy provide heavy notes that pair well with his raspy voice.
Norah Jones pairing with blueberry pie.
Norah Jones just came on.  I'd pair her with something smooth and soothing--maybe a nice creamy bisque.  Elvis Costello is another story.  I'd pair him with something a little sharp, like his voice, on the outside.  But something that makes you ponder what you're eating--like his lyrics.  Sea urchin?  Ahh, now it's Yes playing.  Something classic that takes a long time to prepare since their songs are usually so long.  A pot roast--OK, so that doesn't really work.  I'd have to think about that one a little.

How about the Beatles?  Rufus Wainwright?  Ben Folds?  The Cranberries? (That should be too hard.)  Louis Armstrong?  The Quakertown Band? 

Do you have any music/food pairings?  Let me know--it could be fun! 

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