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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 100th!

As you probably have heard, today is the 100th birthday of one of the world's most perfect foods: the Oreo cookie.

It's a long way since the first Oreo was sold in Hoboken, NJ on March 6, 1912.  Today, Nabisco produces about 70 million Oreo each DAY!  That's a lotta cookies. 

Since the beginning, the classic Oreo has stayed pretty much the same--the very dark chocolate cookie embossed with the familiar design and "OREO" name, filled with creamy white filling.  It was inevitable that variations would eventually appear.  Double-Stuffed Oreos have been around for a while.  Not classic, but gotta love them.  You can also find chocolate cream-filled Oreos (again, not for the purist, but awfully darn good), mint cream-filled and peanut butter cream-filled.  They also put out orange-colored cream for Halloween and maybe even pink cream at Valentine's Day.

When Oreos are the topic, the question is usually: How do you eat them?  Do you simply bite into it?  Pull it apart and eat the cream filling?  Maybe you shove the whole thing in your mouth.  And many of us dunk them. 

Me?  Cold milk and Oreos are inseparable.  My way of eating them is to dunk the cookie in to the half-way point for about a 5 second count.  Eat the dunked half and then dunk half of the remaining part of the cookie (a quarter of the full cookie).  This allows for finger room.  Then pop the last quarter in your mouth and finish with a big gulp of milk.  Repeat 18-43 times.

Many have realized that Oreos, while best for eating as above, can be used in many different applications. 

Go to any fair or carnival and you probably will find batter-dipped deep-fried Oreos. 

Grind them up in a food processor to make an easy and yummy crust for cream pies or cheesecakes.

How about this one?  Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Yes, please.

Dip them in melted chocolate or crush them up and use them as an ice cream sundae topping.  Try putting crushed Oreos in your favorite muffin or pancake batter.  That's what I'm talking about.

Heck, you can even make turkeys out of Oreos.  (That's for those of you more crafty than I am.)

So tell me, how do you eat your Oreos?  Do you have any other interesting ways to use them?  Please share!  However you eat them, celebrate a century of these yummy creations!

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