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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What to Pack

So what do your kids eat at lunch?  Do you pack a lunch or do they buy it?  To save money these days, many people are packing their kids' lunches (I always preferred that, myself).

At Jake's school, he has to bring his lunch (that will change next year in 1st grade, but I would guess he'd continue to pack).  They've been talking about different food groups in his class, so he's very conscious of the things we give him.

For the most part, he will have some sort of protein--either a peanut butter sandwich (on whole-grain or wheat bread--he doesn't do white--and for a treat, he gets PB and Nutella) or PB on crackers or some sort of meat (left over turkey or chicken or beef sticks from Blooming Glen Pork).  He has to have his favorite--fruit.  Can be pretty much any kind of fresh fruit.  Sometimes applesauce (always no-sugar-added) or mandarin oranges (packed in juice, not syrup).  He usually will have a Stonyfield drinkable yogurt and sometimes something crunchy like nuts, pretzels or Wheat Thins.  His drinks are provided at school. 

He's a very slow eater, so that's plenty for him.  We don't give him any sweets--he can have that after dinner--and he doesn't really miss it.  Overall, a pretty healthy lunch for a kid who likes pretty healthy foods.  He has an insulated lunch bag with a spot to put an ice pack to keep his food cold.

Here's an article about what another chef gives his daughter for lunch.  I can't argue with too much of what he says.  Do you have anything to add--any tips to pass along?  Let me know!

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