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Monday, May 30, 2011

Outstanding in the Field

Mary Beth, Jake and I went to pick strawberries on Saturday.  We had one place in mind, but on the way, we passed by Peace Valley Winery, which is only about a 5 minute drive from our house.

I had recently received an email from them telling that their pick-your-own strawberries were ready (I didn't even realize that they grew berries).  So we decided to stop.  It was a good choice.

Although their patch isn't as big as some farms in the area, their berries were red and juicy and tasty.  The field wasn't crowded at all (I think there was only 1 other family there when we were there).  And the price was right--$3.00/lb. 

We only bought about 3.5 pounds--we didn't want to pick more than we needed, so they didn't go bad on us.  Besides, it's so close, we could go up and pick whenever we need more.

Jake was very excited about eating fresh strawberries (he was very good about not sampling in the field!).  They're so different than the store-bought berries that are dry and white on the inside.

So brave the heat and get out and pick some berries!

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