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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Like most kids, Jake likes to snack on the "baby" carrots that every supermarket carries.  They're convenient, crunchy and healthy.  But taste one of these little carrots versus a freshly grown carrot and there's not comparison taste-wise.

"Baby" carrots aren't babies at all.  They're simply bigger carrots that are whittled down to make these smaller versions.  Unfortunately, most of the sweet taste of a carrot is in the parts that are cut away leaving the relatively non-tasty core.  So for snacking and dipping, go for the ease and simplicity of the "babies".  If you want real carrot taste, you'll have to go for the whole thing.

According to experts, most carrots don't come out of the ground perfectly shaped.  And these twisted, ugly fingers don't sell so well.  Maybe as much as 95% of them are turned into "baby" carrots or juice.  But with the great growth of farmers' markets, we're seeing more and more fresh carrots--and getting to enjoy their flavors...and colors.

Carrots come in a wide array of colors.  Many feel that the yellow ones are the sweetest and that the purple and red varieties have the most "rooty" flavor. 

Many people feel that carrots with their greens are juicier than those with the greens trimmed.  I don't know if this is true or not, but they do look nice with the greens. 

No matter what carrots you choose--traditional orange or other colors, greens on or off--they are a colorful, tasty and healthy way to brighten up your table.

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