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Thursday, June 2, 2011


The last time that Jake and I went to the Philly Zoo, it was a frigid day in January.  It was actually a pretty nice time to go (if you could brave the cold) because there weren't many people there and the animals that were out, were pretty active trying to stay warm.

4 months and about 85 degrees later, we went again on Tuesday.  This time, it was crowded with lots of school trips, animals doing all they could to stay cool in the shade.  But it was still a nice time--especially with a cold strawberry ice cream to make things feel good!

We went to a great event sponsored by the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance last night--the first of their summer farm tours.  This one was at Tussock Sedge Farm here in Blooming Glen and home to Henry and Charlotte Rosenberger's grass-fed cattle.  A very nice time--a tasty potluck dinner (the beef was pretty good, too) and an interesting time learning about the Rosenberger farm.  It didn't hurt that it's about a 45 second drive home, too.  Read more about these tours here

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