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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Years ago, before I ever thought I'd do cooking for a living, I watched Jacques Pepin cook on PBS.  At the time, I didn't realize the influence that he would have on me, to an extent, but also on TV cooking shows. 

                     Photo: wsre.org
Pepin, who recently celebrated his 75 birthday, is one of the original TV chefs.  His shows have featured his expertise in technique, classic foods, quick and healthy cooking, a show cooking with his daughter and, one of the most entertaining, he and Julia Child cooking together.  The two of them are a riot--different styles, but both with a great wit--always busting on each other for using too much or too little butter or something to that effect.

Despite being in the biz for decades and well into retirement age, Pepin is currently in production of another PBS series, has published almost two dozen books and instructs at Boston University and is the Dean of Special Programs for the French Culinary Institute in New York.  He's also an accomplished artist, often painting the artwork for his books.

He often makes things look easier than they seem--especially technically.  But there is no doubt of his love of cooking and the joy he has for helping others feel the same way.  It doesn't seem like he'll be slowing down anytime soon.  Happy Birthday, Jacques!

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