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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make Me a Match

Yesterday I was watching the Phillies game (ugh--but I still say they win in 6) and, as is usual while watching baseball, I got the munchies.  So I got some nice salty pretzels and some fresh apple cider from Penn Vermont Fruit Farm in Bedminster (really tasty).  What a pairing!  The salt from the pretzels brought out the incredible flavors of the apples.  Yum!

In an article in The Atlantic, innkeeper and author, Regina Charboneau writes about some of her favorite food duos.  And while some of them--salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and orange--are on my list of favorites, some of them are just a little more "fancy" than I have in mind (oysters and caviar, anyone?). 

So I started thinking about some of my favorite things to eat together.  Some of them are, admittedly, weird.  But I like them anyway.
  • Bacon and maple syrup.  Charboneau lists bacon and brown sugar as one of her favorites, but I don't think there's much better than some good bacon and real maple syrup.  Some really good pork sausage and maple syrup (or "dip" as Jake used to call it) aren't bad either.
  • Cheetos and peanut butter.  OK.  This gets a little messy, but I love it.  Nice crunchy Cheetos (not the puffed kind) dipped in PB.  Hey, you eat those little cheese crackers with the PB in the middle, right? 
  • PB&J sandwich and potato chips.  While we're on the PB subject, there's just something great about a PB&J and plain old potato chips.  My sister used to put the chips IN her sandwich (maybe she still does).
  • Gorgonzola cheese and pears.  This is a classic pairing, but man, it's so good.  I love the Mountain Gorgonzola from Pasqualina's Italian Market and Deli here in Blooming Glen.  Creamy, tangy and a little sweet matched with the sweetness of the pear.  Apples are good, too.
  • Chocolate and hot pepper.  I do agree with Charboneau about the chocolate/orange combo, but I love chocolate and spice.  It's becoming more of a common thing to find these days.  Try it sometime.  The creaminess of the chocolate tames the heat.  Chocolate with chipotle is great (adds some smokiness).  Or try the incredible Chocolate-Jalapeno ice cream at oWowCow Creamery in Ottsville.  Deep, dark chocolate ice cream with a nice amount of heat.  Sooooo goooood.
  • Pretzels and chocolate ice cream.  Big salty pretzel dipped in really good chocolate ice cream.  Oh yeah.  It's that salty/sweet combo again.
  • Melon and Prosciutto.  Another classic, but one of my all-time favorites.  Sweet melon wrapped in salty prosciutto.  Ahhhh...drizzle a little balsamic reduction over it and you have an appetizer that can't be beat.
  • Tomato and salt.  It's depressing that tomato season is gone.  But it was wonderful while it lasted--when I could just bite into a fresh tomato, sprinkle a little sea salt and dig in. 
Did I miss anything?  I'm sure I did.  Let me know what some of your favorite pairings are.  Don't worry, I won't pass judgement. 

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