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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do You Need a Doggie Bag?

In Bar Harbor, Maine, (and in other tourist destinations, I'm sure) many of the stores in town have water dishes for dogs by the door to give thirsty pooches a break after walking around in the hot sun.  And since so many folks have their dogs with them on vacation, I'm sure those bowls have to be filled a lot each day.

More and more you hear about bakeries that bake doggie treats or specialty stores that cater to pets.  For many of us, our pets are truly a part of the family.  And we treat them that way. 

But is this babying of our animals going too far?  An article in USA Today tells about a trend in restaurants around the country where on certain days, patrons are welcome to bring their dogs with them to dine.  Some of the places even offer dishes--steaks, eggs, etc--on a doggie menu. 

Now if you're Mary Beth or some of the people who commented about the article, you're thinking about the germs, the hair, the potential disease and the...uh!...licking.  But I think it's a pretty cool idea.  As long as your dog is well behaved, why not?  These restaurants have designated outdoor areas to bring the canine clientele and, according to the article, there have been no problems with fighting dogs.  Some even have doggie pools for the dogs to play in while "Mom & Dad" are eating.  Besides, you don't have to eat there if you don't want to.  Go somewhere else or eat in the non-dog section.

As one commenter said, I'd rather be in a restaurant with 1000 dogs than one with a few misbehaving kids.  What do you think?

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