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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Locavores are Thriving!

I have local food on the brain--from promoting and enjoying a successful screening of Fresh: The Movie to planning for my cooking demos at local farmers' markets to seeing roadside produce stands coming to life all over the place. 

As I've said before, I find it kind of funny that it's so trendy to eat like folks did 150 years ago.  But it's a good trend--one that benefits our health, our environment, our communities and our taste buds. 

It isn't just here in our area, the locavore trend is nation-wide, which bodes well for the future.  Changing the food culture in our country is something that has to happen if we are going to return to a healthy, sustainable way of producing the food we put in our bodies. 

An article in the Napa Valley Register On-line tells of author Janet Fletcher's new book, Eating Locally, A Cookbook Inspired by America's Farmers.  In researching the book, she visited 10 different CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) all over the country and found them thriving.  

CSAs not only give local farmers a way to earn much-needed income, but gives those who are members fresh, healthy produce that they probably would not otherwise get to enjoy.  There are heirloom vegetables that are too perishable to ship across the country like those in the grocery stores.  There are veggies like kohlrabi or collard greens that are new to many people.  And it just makes you feel better to know where your food is from, to talk to the farmer who grew it and to be confident about what you're putting in your mouth--and the mouths of your kids.

That's what buying local food is all about.  Food that's better for you, better for the community, better for our world and, best of all, better tasting.  Let's keep this trend going!

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