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Friday, August 27, 2010

Everything But the Oink

I don't eat hot dogs.  Never have, never will.  As a huge baseball fan, it's hard sometimes--being at the ballpark and not eating a tube steak.  I almost feel like I should shove one down just to feel a part of the action.

Although the reason I don't like hot dogs is the taste, many people think I don't eat hot dogs because of what goes into making them.  To prove that this is not the reason, I mention my love of scrapple.

Most of you reading this are from Eastern PA, so you probably know what scrapple is.  But for those of you who don't, scrapple is a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch food where basically all the scraps of the pig that aren't used for other things is boiled down to make a broth.  Then cornmeal is added to create a pork "mush" that is then formed into bricks.  The scrapple is usually sliced and pan fried, although I've known it to be deep fried (mmmm....).

To many, scrapple is, well, disgusting.  And I've eaten my share of disgusting scrapples.  In college, we used to go out to local diners for breakfast on weekends and I'd order scrapple--more to yuck out my friends than for the taste.  At some of those places, there was some nasty, gray, soggy slabs of gunk served to me.  Good scrapple is not like that.

Good scrapple--the best I've had is from Blooming Glen Pork--is meaty-tasting, spicy (black pepper and sage often the prevailing flavors) and crispy on the outside.  It's usually eaten as a breakfast food, although I had some for lunch today (it was left over--not my usual lunch choice).  Many enjoy ketchup as their condiment of choice, but I love it with a little drizzle of real maple syrup.  Yum.  Try a slice of it with a scrambled eggs on a bagel as a breakfast sandwich. 

So next time you have the chance, give scrapple a try--even if just to gross out your friends.  If you have some well made scrapple, you'll find that it's quite the opposite of what you may expect. 

Maybe I'll take some the next time I go to the ballpark.

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