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Friday, August 13, 2010

Quite a Guy

I don't watch "reality" TV.  Never have seen Survivor or American Idol.  There is one exception--The Next Food Network Star.  Being a foodie, I do enjoy watching that--even though it sometimes gets me so frustrated by some of the contestants' incompetence or ignorance. 

The finale of this season is on Sunday night and the 3 remaining contestants are all pretty decent--even if I'm not sure I'd watch any of their shows.  This is the 6th season of NFNS and only the last 3 winners still have shows on the network.  Only the winner of Season 2, however, can be called a true star.

                                                    Marc Steiner for The New York Times
Guy Fieri before his cooking demo at Circus Maximus
in Caesars Atlantic City.

Guy Fieri--the bleach blond wearin', tattoo sportin', Camaro drivin' bad-boy chef--is what The Food Network dreamed of when they came up with this competition.  Fieri has become one of the faces of the network--for good reason.

On the surface, Fieri is not the type of chef that I'm into--in fact, I don't really care for his cooking show, Guy's Big Bite.  The "man's man" persona is just a little too much for my taste.  That being said, though, I really like this guy.  He's true to himself, genuine and clearly loves what he's doing.

I've said many times that the one show on The Food Network that truly makes my mouth water--makes me long for a rack of ribs at 10:00 at night or makes me want to travel to some tiny town in Arkansas for a taste of their fried chicken--is Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, which Fieri hosts. 

In the show, he travels all over the country visiting small diners, family-owned eateries and unusual places that serve honest, homemade, delicious food.  Fieri does a great job with it--he's funny, encouraging and makes the people he visits feel really good about themselves and the food they serve.  You can just tell that he loves good food and the people who work so hard to provide it to others. 

Will this year's NFNS winner be another Guy Fieri?  The network sure hopes so, but I doubt it. 

Want to learn more about Fieri?  Check out this interesting article from The New York Times.

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