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Monday, August 2, 2010

Still Trendy?

I've written much about the positive trends of local food and sustainable farming--trends in the food world that revert us back to the days of yore--and give us better, healthier and community-friendly food.  Trends (whether regarding food or some other area) will always be there.  Who knows how they start and, in many cases, how they perpetuate themselves?  For the most part, though, at some point, these trends end--usually when another trend takes their place.

I just read an article called Cupcakes and 6 Other Food Trends That Have Lost Their Cool where the writer talks about 7 trends in the food world that she thinks have passed their prime.  As is usually the case with articles like this, I'm not in complete agreement with her, but find it interesting nonetheless.
In no apparent order, here are the trends she sees as being over:

1-Cupcakes: I see nothing wrong here, as long as they're tasty and moist.  I hate dry, overbaked cupcakes.  Portable and cute.  Like me.  (I don't know what that means).

2-Tuna Tartare: I must admit that I've never had this dish.  I'm not a big raw fish guy.  You be the judge.

3-Bubble Tea: I see this as a real trend--something out of the ordinary from a different culture (this one from Asia) that bursts on the scene and is huge for a while.  I've never had it and don't really see the appeal of it.

4-Truffle Salt: Another item I've not used.  I don't see why not, though.  Overuse is where something like this runs into trouble.

5-The Communal Table: If this is on the way out, I'm glad.  If I'm going out for a nice dinner, I want to make sure I'm not sitting with someone who is going to ruin it for me.  That's what blind dates are for.

6-Chipotle: It sure shows up in a lot of stuff, but I like it.  Smoky and spicy. 

7-Lava Cake: I made some of these for MB's birthday and they were really good.  See my previous post with the recipe.

What do you think?  Do you agree?  Are there any other food trends that you think (or hope) will be ending soon?  Let me know!

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