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Monday, August 23, 2010

Rest & Relaxation (and Eating)

Jake...with lunch?
Each year for quite a while, we take a week of vacation with my parents, sister & her kids in Primehook Beach, DE.  We rent a house owned by some friends of ours and it's great--the Delaware Bay is right out the back door and the kids love spending the day in the water and sand. 

As is usually the case with vacations, we eat way more than we usually do.  Each of us takes turns making a big breakfast (we had waffles, sausage, scrapple, fruit, French toast, egg bake, danish, cinnamon buns, eggs, milk, juice, coffee...and that was just the first day [kidding]).  Then, after a hard day on the beach, it's time for lunch--sandwiches and more. 

We each take turn with a dinner, too.  We had veggie lasagna, chicken and biscuits, tacos, etc.  We usually buy seafood and I cook up a feast, but we decided to go out this year.  We visited Big Fish Grille in Rehoboth Beach.  We recommend it if you're in those parts--a HUGE menu with something for everyone.  We shared tender and tasty fried calamari as an app.  I had red snapper with wild mushrooms and lobster sauce over mashed potatoes.  Delish.  MB got salmon (surprise, surprise) with some sort of sweet glaze.  Also very good.  My parents got a grilled combo--beef fillet, scallops, shrimp, crab cake & 2 sides.  Jake got fish fingers (fried, but tasty) and fries, as did one nephew.  The other got chicken fingers.  I forget what my sister got.  A good place to go for a good, but casual meal in a very relaxed atmosphere.

We hit the Rehoboth boardwalk one night as we usually do and grabbed some dinner at Grotto Pizza.  Grottos on the boardwalk are kind of like CVS around here--there seems to be one every 10 yards.  Expensive, as you would expect, but good food.  Frozen custard, Boardwalk fries (wonderfully greasy and salty) and mango water ice slid down our throats at some point during the night. 

Oh, I also made a ground cherry pie while there.  If you've read my posts about these little fruits, you know that I wasn't sure how it would turn out.  My dad and MB liked it.  I think I did.  Not something I'd want all the time, but I like the ground cherries better in a pie than raw.  This version was turned out sort of like a pecan pie-type of thing--goopy with lots of brown sugar.

So now we're back and trying to regain our normal eating habits.  At least until we head to Maine in about 3 weeks!

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